Moyaccercchi's play area

    Hey there! ^_^

    My name is Moyaccercchi and I am a very, very curious optimistic pansexual polyamorous cuddle-addicted boardgame-playing free-hugs-enthusiastic couch-surfing sometimes-barefooted kink-positive technology-hippie. When people ask me “Are you a boy or a girl?” my answer is usually that I am a cat. Meow!

    I love playing around with how society expects us to be, who it expects us to be, and am deeply interested in learning what gives different people pleasure and joy. I fully embrace unusualness, weirdness, and absolutely love trying out new things! If you have fantasies involving aliens and spaceships, come to me. If you have fantasies involving you crossdressing as a person who is dressed up as a furry who actually works as a french maid, come to me. If you have fantasies involving cages and whips and gags and all kinds of fun little toys, come to me.

    But most importantly: Come to me. Tell me all about what makes you special - and you ARE special, we all are! And then, maybe, we can make a part of that wonderful weirdness come to life together.